Mobin One Kish Company (Public Stock)

Value-Added Services

Value-added services are thing that many of the most successful operators in the world that assign as a durability secret in the SIM card market.

IVR services

Mobin One Company has succeeded in delivering value-added services to the development of diverse and distinct services in the landline and to gain significant market share.


The Streaming projects include the VOD and the Sports Video Service.

Media Wifi

The Mobin One Company has in-flight entertainment services as the eighth company in the world, Also it has launched Air Media Wi-Fi in the airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Media Wifi

Mobin One's Company International Digital Solutions

International digital services International digital services

Mobin One human resources, from senior managers to all employees, are trying to providing the different digital services based on value-added, to have a better and happier place.

Mobin One Services

Currently, due to the fact that the use of mobile phones in the country has expanded, operators executive mechanism has become widespread; as before, the only transfer of the SIM card is not the criterion of survival in the competitive market, but in more adOneced mode as "Service Added value ". (This service is what most successful operators call the SIM card as a long-lasting password). In Iran, various types of telecommunication value-added services are provided to applicants, that is a great significance for SMS due to the subscriber popularity.

In the value-added services field in form of Voice, currently, many IVR services are provide. Many companies are trying to launch their audio services in entertainment, child care or consulting services, that reflects the high capacity of this area and the desire of users to use remote services. Also in this field, we can say that the the *8 product Mobin One company is wide-ranging and numbered. *8 Voice-activated Value Added Services service is in a fixed landline that subscribers can dial 8 and then the Star Key to this services.

The streaming projects include the VOD Demo System and the Sport Video Service Final, which began in 1394. VOD Demo system is a service that users can view their requested content without having to download on the Internet. VOD Demo system users at any time and place are able to select their favorite content, including movies, serials, music ... from the archive of audio and video products available on the network. The Final App is also a sporting video service for smartphones that delivers new, sporty sports clips for users.

Currently, according to recent studies, the electronic-learning field is generally very active in terms of creating educational and business opportunities; therefore, Mobin One Company has begun to identify and find opportunities in this filed and, in collaboration with universities valid country has provided virtual courses that have been welcomed by universities. Considering the importance of the appropriate infrastructure for providing such courses, the company is identifying and negotiating with the strong platforms owners that have been operating well in practice.