Mobin One Kish Company (Public Stock)

Value Added Services

Value-added services are what many of the world's most successful operators are calling a "lasting stick" in the sim card market.

IVR services

In order to provide value-added services, MobiOne has succeeded in developing diverse, distinct land-based services and gaining significant market share.


Streamin projects including the Video on demand system (VOD) is " Bin To" and the "Final" sport video service.

Media Wifi

MobinOne, As the eighth company in the world in the field of In-flight Entertainment services, has launched Air Media Wi-Fi on the Airlines of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

International Digital Services International Digital Services

The human capital from senior executives to all employees all endeavor to provide a better and happier place by offering a variety of value-based digital services.

Mobin One Services

Due to the increasing use of mobile phones in the country, the operating mechanism of operators has also become widespread; in the same way as in the past, only the transfer of the SIM card is not the criterion of survival in the competitive market, but a new chapter in this field, entitled " Value added service ". This service is what most of the successful operators have been talking about as a lifecycle in the market for SIM cards. In Iran, different kinds of value-added services are provided to the applicants, which is more important for SMS because of the interest of subscribers.

In the area of value added audio services, we have seen a lot of IVR services today. Many companies are trying to launch their audio services in entertainment, child care or advisory services, which indicates the potential of this area and the desire of users to use non-public services. In the meantime, it is possible to say that the product of 8 * Mobin One Company is wide-ranging and numbered. The eight-star service is a premium voice premium service that subscribers can dial 8 and then the Star Key to these services.

Streaming projects include the VOD and the Sports Video Service, which began in 1394. Between you is a service that users can view their requested content without having to download on the Internet. Users at any time and place can choose their favorite content, including movies, serials, music, etc. from the archive of audio and video products available on the network. The Final App is also a sporting video service for smartphones that delivers exciting new sports clips that are very user-friendly.

As the eighth provider of In-flight Entertainment services in the world, Mobin One has launched Air Media Wi-Fi in Iran Airlines. Given that it is impossible to service VOD domains in non-Internet environments, the Mobin One Media Wi-Fi project is designed to provide high-value audio and video services through Mobin One Kish Media's offline communication networks. In fact, the need for the traveler to use the entertainment media to design this product inside the aircraft made it possible to respond to this knowledge based on our knowledge of our forces.

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